Review: Qatar Airways B777-300ER Qsuite Frankfurt – Doha

Review: Qatar Airways B777-300ER Qsuite Frankfurt – Doha

  • August 2022
  • Qatar Airways 70
  • Frankfurt (FRA) – Doha (DOH)
  • Departure: 1018(FRA)
  • Arrival: 1648(DOH)
  • Duration: 5:30
  • Aircraft: Boeing B777-367ER
  • Registration: A7-BEI
  • Seat: 11E (Business Class)

I have spent around 24 hours in Frankfurt spotting the brand new Lufthansa Boeing B787-9 and getting some rest. It was quite a hustle and bustle flying 8 flights in 5 days- From Asia to Europe and back around again.

This is my second last flight for this journey and it will take me back to Doha on Qatar Airways Qsuite again. But this time, I had a chance to:

  • Experience the inflight services properly and
  • Experience the Quad seat including the double bed

Much of the details were reviewed in my previous post but I will attach clearer daytime photographs of the cabin.

Checking In At Frankfurt Airport

My flight was scheduled to depart around 09:50 AM the morning so I got off from my Sheraton Frankfurt Airport hotel around 07:40 in the morning. By the time I got to the check-in counter, there were long lines in the economy but luckily the business class was empty.

As I flew out of Frankfurt frequently, the ground staff recognized me and we had a short chit-chat about my flight before receiving my boarding pass.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

After clearing immigration, I proceeded to the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge where I also met the same lounge reception lady, and yes, she knew I was returning back that day. I greeted myself delightedly and scanned my boarding pass.

Qatar Airways do not have its own lounge nor there are Oneworld lounges at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1. Therefore, Qatar Airways uses Air Canada or Lufthansa Senator lounge as a contract lounge. I’d personally prefer the Maple Leaf lounge over the Senator.

Since I reviewed the lounge in the past, I won’t go over the details but here are the breakfast menus available. (I visited in the afternoon on my previous flight so the menus are a little different).

Over the window in the lounge, I was able to spot my aircraft parked.

Qatar Airways FRA-DOH Boarding

Around 9 AM, my boarding was supposed to start so I went down towards the gate but as usual, there was a delay and I was able to board after 30 minutes of waiting in front of the gate.

Qatar Airways FRA-DOH Boarding

Since there were only 24 passengers out of the 42 Qsuite seats and the boarding process was quick. I boarded through door L2 and only five passengers were seated in the mini-cabin section so I was able to enjoy this empty cabin.

Qatar Airways B77W Business Class Cabin

The Qsuites on my flight were divided into two cabins: Forward and mini cabin. The forward cabin features 24 seats while the mini-cabin has only 18 seats.

I have pre-assigned the same exact seat 11E as my previous flight to enjoy the double bed and seat 11E and F is one of my favorite seat on Qatar Airways. It’s the last row seat in the business class cabin and faces the economic class bulkhead, providing more privacy. Also, this seat is the only double seat that does not form a “Quad.”

But beware that after the bulkhead comes the seat with bassinet and in case there are infants and they cry, you would have to deal with the noise.😁

With the overhead storage bins stowed, the cabin looks more spacious and luxurious. And with the privacy doors closed, it creates a cabin of your own world.

Qatar Airways B77W Business Class Seats

The Qsuites have large seat widths and pitches with a privacy door that fully closes. Most other airlines which feature doors on business class seats tend to have a gap but the Qsuites does not.

There are nearly 12 different seat controls installed in the seat. With automatic and manual adjustments, you can easily set the seat in comfortable positions.

On this flight, I had a chance to review the window seat as well. Since I received a request from some of you to review the window seat on Qsuite, I will go over it.

I explained how the window seats are configured in my previous review. The window seats have two different designs where on the forward cabin, the odd-number seats are located right beside the window and the even-number seats are nearer to the aisle. The mini-cabin has no window seat on row 7 so rows 8 and 10 are nearer to the window and the remaining by the aisle.

The window seats I reviewed were 10K and 11J. As you can see below, the seat at 10K is right beside the window away from the aisle while 11J is positioned right beside the aisle.

Each seat has its own pros and cons. It depends on your preference if you want to look outside the window comfortably, then 10K will be the best choice for you. But the seat offers no partition when the privacy doors are opened. On the other hand, seat 11J offers the exact opposite.

Regardless of the position of the window seats, these seats are best when traveling alone.

On the side of the seat has this pull-to-open type of storage compartment. It is quite uncomfortable to use the leather handle to pull open the storage compared to the push-to-open type that is on other seats.

The window seat has the same equal size footrest and footwell and on top of it, the tray table is latched.

Both the reading lamp and overhead reading light are available on the window seat. With only one seat, the lights are less likely to bother the neighbor compared to the center seats.

Due to the obstructions, it is hard to take a look outside the window. This is one of the main disadvantages of the seat.

Qatar Airways B77W Qsuite “Quad”

I also had a chance to check out the remaining two center seats that will later form into a “Quad” seat when the center panel slides away forming an open space of four seats facing each other. If I have an opportunity in the future to travel as a group of four, I will review the Quad more in detail.

Qatar Airways B77W Business Class Double Bed

Qatar Airways was the first airline to feature a full-flat double bed on its Qsuite 5 years ago and it is still maintained as one of the best business class seats.

Prior to converting the seat into a bed, I had my lunch so only one seat was in a fully-flat position while the other was in a dining position.

After finishing my meal, I converted the other seat making it a double bed. With both seats now in a fully-flat position and a pad covering the center partition area, it created one of the best beds on board. The only catch is since the footwell is divided, I had to either put each of my feet into each footrest or lie down in an angled position.

Qatar Airways Business Class Welcome Drink & Amenity Kits

On my flight back to Doha, I was finally able to get a different set of amenity kit designs. While the brand is still Diptyque, the design was a box type but not a pouch type I received past few flights. however, in my opinion, I prefer the pouch more than the box since you could reuse the pouch but not this paper box.

In regard to the welcome drink, I chose to have a glass of water as usual since I don’t find the business class champagne that attractive.

Qatar Airways B77W Business Class After-Takeoff Drinks

After taking off from Frankfurt, I requested a “fresh pressed” orange juice, though I doubt it’s from the carton, and at the same time I ordered some lunch/dinner too.

The cabin crew later came with a table cloth and preset the dining table and brought me a cup of orange juice. By the way, the delicious-looking pretzel you can see in the picture below is taken from the Maple Leaf Lounge.🥨

Qatar Airways B77W FRA-DOH Business Class Dining

Since I was seated in the last row, I was the last to get my meals and other services. I do not mind getting the meal last but if you are an impatient-type person, I’ll advise getting a seat in the front rows.

For the starter, lobster meat and scallop with tomato is served. I really like Qatar Airways serving lobsters in premium cabins and it does have great taste too.

After finishing the starter, the main dish was served. I ordered braised beef with mashed potato. The meal tasted fair but not too perfect to my standard. I had other choices of meals but as I mentioned above, when it was my turn to get the menu, some of the choices were all taken by other customers.

Lastly, dessert was served. I was expecting the dessert to be a little better than this. I was not disappointed with the taste but compared to other flights I had on Qatar Airways, this time the dessert was way too simple.

After I finished my meal, I met a vlogger on board and spent some time with him having fun vlogging around the mini-cabin.

Qatar Airways B77W Business Class Inflight Entertainment

With the double bed, I now have two monitors to enjoy. Normally, I would watch a movie with one screen and leave it on the flight map on the other one.

The business class headphone is the same noise-canceling headphone I have been reviewing.

There are a universal power outlet and two USB ports to charge your electronic devices under the seat adjustment buttons. Also, an HDMI port is available though I have never seen any used and I am not sure if this is working parallel with the screen.

The inflight entertainment remote controller is also stowed beside the power outlet. This remote controller is great especially when you are lying on the bed and need to browse through channels on the screen.


My second to last flight on my week trip has come to an end. I enjoyed the back-to-back Qsuite experience in a couple of different seats on a B777-300ER. Since Frankfurt is only a 5 to 6 hours flight, it is too short to review everything. I am planning to fly somewhere longer, perhaps to São Paulo, Brazil, or to the US so I can have more time to enjoy the inflight services.

On my arrival in Doha, I will be further experiencing the arrival process as well as the arrival lounges so stay tuned for my next reviews.

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